Custom applications

Since inception we have been writing custom web applications. Even without using frameworks we have built robust applications in core PHP using the MVS model. Paying careful attention to factors mentioned below has helped in this endeavour.

Development process

Database design

We spend extra time on Database design. We can confidently say that robust database design helps create robust applications that are easy to modify when specifications change

Design Prototype

We use prototyping to quickly convert your requirements into viewable screens that give you a glimpse into how the application will look and work

Simple interface

We do not create complex screens just to show off our technological prowess. Instead, after extensive discussions with you, we come up with an interface that is simple to navigate & intuitive to use

Agile approach

We use Agile development approach to break down a project into deliverable parts that are ready-to-use

Testing phases

By employing separate testing phases and program code reviews we make sure that our applications are of very high quality and need low maintenance

Applications developed

  • Resource management: A document management system where images, PDFs, office documents, drawings are uploaded by users and the software arranges them in a virtual folder system for ease of location. A simple keyword & an advanced search are provided. A web interface allows internet users to view the documents and also create presentations from them
  • Invoice handling: Invoice details are uploaded to online system via CSV files and the invoices can be viewed or downloaded as PDF files. Product certificates can be attached to the invoices
  • eCommerce solution for plant nursery: An online shopping system with shopping cart, list of favourite items, discounted items and customizable catalog
  • Plots & trees maintenance for Mango plantation: A system to keep track of productivity and maintenance of Mango trees, distribution to market, generate maintenance bills and credit notes. This is a multi-plot, multiple members system
  • Daily call reporting for sales team & analysis tools: Sales executives can record their daily activities and management can track productivity using multiple reports
  • Marriage bureau: A lightweight application, yet it includes a 2 page detailed profile with a horoscope (Kundali) entry feature
  • Teacher appraisal by students: School children and their parents get to evaluate teachers in a school using a simple form listing customizable questions. Analysis is available in an instant
  • Books order form with email generation: An inexpensive solution for those who want to provide a simple online shopping experience. Payment gateway option is also available
  • Documents download management for customers: You can upload documents through an administrator control panel and assign them to specific users. Better organized than Email and more control in your hands

eCommerce solution

We have built a customized eCommerce solution from scratch. Some highlights are:

  • Catalog with extensible properties
  • Ability to create list of favourites and a slide show from the list
  • Mark catalog items having special discounts
  • Shopping cart with interface to payment gateway
  • Administrator interface to manage invoices, site subscribers & other housekeeping functions
  • Advanced search with multiple property selection
  • Levels of site membership and facility to send customized newsletters

Industries served





Plant nursery


Technologies used

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX

CMS-based development


jQuery, BootStrap