Dynamics of Stationery

Stapler, clips and paper

Business cards: Ever wonder how much you spend on stationery at work? Not much, but how much stationery is really required? All those office files, plastic folders, staples, pens, pencils, white board, markers, paper; how much of it is consumed? What about business cards? Every employee gets a set of business cards after joining. In this era of vcards, smartphones, email signatures, social media accounts who is using business cards? I used to print my own cards a few years ago, and would print them only when required. Then I stopped printing them since people were not asking for them as much. Now if anyone asks for one, I just tell them that I don't print them any more. If they need my phone, I can share my namecard via bluetooth. Bottomline: Stop printing biz cards. Save money and save trees!

Staples: Look at envelopes sent through couriers. Senders save a few seconds and avoid “sticky mess” by stapling the envelope instead of using glue to seal it. But staple pins are the worst environmental hazard. They go in the dustbin as it's too cumbersome to recycle them. From dustbin to dumping grounds where they'll just lay there for years. Bottomline: Use glue to seal envelopes and paper clips instead of staple pins!

Paper: Make it a company policy to use both sides of paper, for photocopying or for printing. Ideally, reduce the use of paper itself. Add that to the policy. The boss must show it through her/his actions. Before you want to print something or photocopy a document, PAUSE. Do you really need it? Is it going to be used just once? Think of an alternative. If a document must be printed (or copied), print on both sides of paper. Take extra effort for it. Staff finds it quicker to issue a print command without thinking of using both sides. For printing 20 pages, you can save an extra 10 pages by printing on both sides of paper. Saves you money and saves the environment.

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